9-Position Camera Based Range

Simulator allows aim and fire training indoors for up to nine positions. Simulator uses static shooting range targets. 

It is possible to use different firearms and automatic weaponry for training, including M16, AK4, AK-47 etc. For automatic reloading of the weapons and recoil simulation, special manufactured recoil adapters are used. The recoil simulator adapter is placed inside the weapon, replacing the lock from the weapons and a special CO2 gas reservoir is placed into the magazine, replacing magazine spring. The weapon magazine CO2 gas container is easily reloaded again from a 7kg CO2 balloon, that comes with the product. The balloon holds enough CO2 for around ten thousand shots. 
A special camera module is placed on the weapons, which sends an image to software program that anayzes weapon position and direction at the moment of firing. This information is used to determine the bullet travel trajectory and thus the position on target. Weapon movement is also recorded prior to each shot. 
What's in the product: 
Simulator consists of nine separate firing positions. Firing positions are separated into three groups, where each holds three weapons. Operating computers are connected to base computer, which gathers the data and visualizes them for the instructor and trainees. The base computer holds control over all other computers within a local network and the firing results and sessions are stored in a database and represented on screen. 
Simulation allows: 
- safe training within indoor environment 
- up to 9 trainees training simultaneously 
- observing the precise weapon movement prior to and during each shot and represent the results on screen 
- store session results in database for further review