Pop-up target set HARDY

Radio controlled mobile target set "Hardy" is a full featured system for the outdoor shooting range for small firearms. Small size and light weight makes the installation of targets quick and easy. Each target mechanism is provided with bulletproof armox shield that eliminates the need to build ballistically secured emplacement for them. They feature simple and reliable construction with minimum maintenance required. 

Target holders have hit detectors that cause the target to fall when hit. During operations the hit count are transmitted back to the control unit on request. The microprocessor-based target units have several built in programs that can be actuated by the control unit. 
Different sizes of easily interchangeable infantry pop-up targets are available. Targets are equipped with low level illumination for night shooting. 
Hand-held radio control unit controls the targets. The microprocessor-based unit has several built-in programs and is capable of controlling up to 99 individual targets from a line of sight up to 1km. The 2x20 alphanumeric display shows the program and target status and the number of hits on each target. The controller can be externally programmed from PC, enabling to create custom scenarios beforehand or in site. 
All the system is packed into small passenger car trailer with weatherproof cover. All parts are effectively secured in place and the trailer can be locked. The battery charger for simultaneous charging of 8 target units and a charger for control unit are provided. 
More than 700 hundred pop-up target devices are in use all over the world. Successfully.