Multirootor ELIX-XL

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Multirotor system  


The ELIX-XL is a small, man-portable, ruggedized Vertical Take-Off and Landing Unmanned Aerial system designed to capture and transmit high quality digital video. 
The ELIX-XL is designed as a complete solution, capable of handling exterior reconnaissance flights. Autonomous capabilities and simple navigation and camera control makes it possible for anyone to fly ELIX- XL with only a few houres of training.
Automatic take-off and landing enables the operator to focus on tasks at hand and enables the unite to be launched without any launch mechanism and land without a landing pad.
With a snap together, tool-less assembly, the system is easy man-portable and capable of rapid deployment.
The ELIX-XL is a modular multicopter system. Hardware and software are developed and tested by ELI Military Simulations. ELIX-XLsystem offers a wide range of different capabilities like:
  • Real time video from two gyro stabilized onboard cameras(Sony and Flir)
  • On board video recorder
  • Fully autonomous flight control including takeoff and landing
  • Autonomous mission execution with option to change all parameters during flight
  • Ability to select active waypoints and/or change waypoint coordinates and parameters
  • Different preprogrammable flight patterns
  • Definable actions in case of errors and loss of data link (Return Home, Proceed with Mission, Emergency landing after critical error etc.)
  • Multi sensor usage
  • Low noise and weak radar footprint
  • Controllable navigation lights
The system consists of two main parts - autonomous air vehicle and the human operated ground segment - Ground Control Station. ELIX-XL is a multi-purpose UAV system that can be used in various scenarios, for example: 
  • border patrol 
  • reconnaissance/observation
  • aerial photography 
  • geophysical prospecting 
  • disaster monitoring 
  • coastguard service 
  • day/night reconnaissance 
  • battlefield monitoring 
  • target positioning 
  • battlefield damage and casualty assessment 
The UAV can be operated in various environmental conditions in a wide temperature range (-20°...+50°C). The system is designed with the latest technology to provide high functionality. with low pricing. ELIX-XL multirotor set is packed into military grade backpack and is carried/ operated by one person.
The ELIX-XL takes off and lands automatically. Operator has to designate a landing area on the map  if it differs from takeoff point. 
ELIX-XL specifications
Due to the flexible concept the exact technical data depends on the individual setup.
Multirotor technical parameters:
Length folded 620.6mm
Length flight conditions 1164,3mm
Width folded 282mm
Width flight conditions 1164,3mm
Weight 5200g
Rotors 4
Supply LiPo 22.2v 21Ah
Multirotor Flight parameters:
Flight time max 45min*
Distance 7000m*
Operational ceiling 500m
Speed max 16m/s
Wind max 8m/s
Datalink range 7000m*
Videolink range 7000m*
Sensors gyroscope, acceleration, compass, GPS, Altitude
Imaging sensors
Resolution 1280 x 720p HD 640x512
Zoom 12x optical 8x digital
Sensitivity Less than 1.0 lx (F1.6, 50 IRE) <50 mK, spectral band 7.5-13.5μm
Controlling 3 axis stabilization 3 axis stabilization
Data storage >4h >4h



Multirotor Platform


ELIX-XL frame is fully modular design from carbon fiber. Critical parts are made from light metals. All details are precision CNC manufactured. Multirotor construction is strong enough to withstand rough landings.

Camera gimbal is in the nose module. Both cameras are mounted on a mechanism, which compensates the UAV’s movement along all axes and therefore keeps the camera module always orientated. 
Body center holds the arms and supports FC, batteries, gimbal, receiver and other sensors.
Foldable arms are made from carbon tubs for easy  transportation. The whole design gives possibility for fast deployment.