UAV pneumatic catapult PL-8

The UAV pneumatic launcher PL-8 has been developed to accelerate UAV-s and other aircraft with MTOW up to 8 kg and launch them at speeds up to 20m/s. The launcher is light-weight, battery-operated and is quickly assembled. The system is easily portable in one special rugged case. Custom carriage rods can be designed based on clients UAV specifications.


 Launch angle  20...30 degrees
 Overall rail length when assembled  1.5 m
 Weight of catapult set, 1 box   Total ca. 10kg
 Launcher case external dimensions    1480x200x170mm
 Maximum plane mass    8 kg
 Maximum allowed launch velocity  25 m/s (meter per second)
 Puller configuration aircraft   YES
 Pusher configuration aircraft     YES
 Typical set-up time         5min
 Compressor unit battery    

 1 X Makita®12V Li-Ion battery 2Ah