Personal Firing Range Simulator

Personal Firing Range Simulator is a firing range simulator for anyone interested in target shooting and for all age groups. Simulator consists of imitating training gun (based on M16), camera module, target sheet or target module together with special software to be installed on personal computer. 

Personal Firing Range Simulator is easy to set up and meant to be used indoors under temperatures of +15C up to +30C. 
Technical requirements and additional information: 
Range: 7 meters 
PC Requirements: Windows OS (Windows 2000 and above) 
1) Power source 220V adapter 
2) NiMH 4,8V, 8000mAh, endurance per one recharge cycle around 250 hours, recharge time around 10 hours 
3) Target Sheet with light-reflecting rim 
Weapon battery: NC 8,4V, 2200mAh, recharge time around 14 hours, 15A, with one recharge cycle can fire around 500 shots. 
Max firing speed: Unlimited with single shots