ELI is an Estonian engineering company that has its roots in developing and producing military simulations equipment.

We have been creating custom tailored solutions for the most demanding end users in the defence sector since 1995. In the 2000s our engineers passion for unmanned aerial systems and the in house know-how of product development spawned the ELI Airborne Solutions branch of the company.

Over the years we have developed custom fixed wing UAV-s and multirotor systems. From years of development, testing and operations we have brought numerous additional devices and components to market, that today are operational on UAV-s in different parts of the world. ELI enjoys a close cooperation with our end users, and that combined with a agile development style gives us the ability to integrate the latest technological capabilities into our platforms and keep creating superior solutions. ELI is a proud member of the larger Estonian defence industry and remains one of the biggest exporters in the sector.

Whether you are looking to enhance your geological survey capabilities from the air, look for a missing person or to gather vital intelligence, ELI produces the equipment that gives you an advantage.