Mortar simulator

60mm, 81mm, 82mm and 120mm

The mortar simulator M-Golf is intended for field training a mortar team to sight aim and fire in conditions close to real firing. The appearance and the operation of the simulator are identical to that of the real mortar.

Elevate training with M-Golf

Superior Accuracy,

Due to innovative construction, the    M-Golf has superior accuracy and it is easy and very cost-effective to use and maintain. The actual size of the barrel opening is smaller than that of the real weapon to prevent accidents with live ammunition.

Realistic Ballistics,
Precision Aiming

Different round types by changing the operating pressure are simulated. Microprocessor-based control unit controls the charging of the reservoir and its pressure. Sighting and aiming are calibrated to simulate an actual weapon. The ballistic tables and wind corrections are used for sighting and aiming as in the case of the real firing.

Cutting-edge simulation

Special multi-usable simulation rounds with a hardened forepart are used for shooting. In the shell, there is a specially constructed reservoir for CO2 gas and a container with an environmentally friendly agent to mark the hit on the ground and to simulate an explosion.

Endless training possibilities

With the 81mm mortar simulator with the minimum charge, at least 1000 shots, and with the max charge, at least 200 shots can be made out of a 10l CO2 gas reservoir

Unparalleled firepower

With the 120mm mortar simulator with the minimum charge, at least 850 shots, and with the max charge, at least 170 shots can be made out of a 10l CO2 gas reservoir

Real Combat Conditions

M-Golf uses pressurized CO2 gas for propulsion of special non-explosive rounds. The range is brought down to 1:10 scale enabling to use small training field.

Trusted by Estonian Defence Forces

The mortar simulator M-Golf is used by the Estonian Defence Forces since 1998 and has proved to be a very efficient and cost-effective training device

M-GOLF product brochure​


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